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Are your websites secure?


The Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd web sites uses industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which means that your personal and credit card details are transmitted in a secure encrypted format when buying your ski travel insurance through this web site.



Who are my insurers?


We do not work with a single insurer or underwriter as we believe in offering choice to the consumer. Our ski insurance policies have been underwritten by major UK companies and they have been tailored to suit a wide range of travel itineraries, budgets and activities.



Are you regulated and authorised by the FCA?


This website is operated by the Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd and is a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our firm reference number is 480416 which can be verified by visiting the FCA website.



What type of policy do I need?


If you have only one trip planned in a calendar year then our single trip ski insurance policy could be ideal. If you take frequent trips abroad, then our annual multi-trip policy may be even better value as it covers you for an unlimited number of trips in a calendar year. For those who are looking to travel for extended durations, for instance if you are on a gap year, then our Long stay ski season insurance policy would be ideal.



Maximum age of cover?


We provide single trip cover up to 84 and Annual ski insurance for those up to 74 years of age - simply follow the 'Online Quotation' button on the home page. Our policies are designed so that partners are able to travel independently of each other at no extra cost.



How do you define a couple?


The requirement for being defined as a couple and so be able to take advantage of the lower joint-premiums is that you have to have been cohabiting for at least 6 months. You do not have to be married (or indeed of differing sexes).



I have a 'Family annual multi-trip' policy - are my children covered if we go on separate holidays?


Our family ski insurance policies are designed so that partners are able to travel independently of each other at no extra cost. We do have some ski insurance policies which will allow the children to travel independently form their parents or Guardians so call 08434 590 878 for details.



What happens if, after reading my policy document, I don't think it is suitable?


If you are not entirely satisfied with your ski travel insurance policy you must telephone us to state why the cover is unsuitable. We will endeavour to provide with a ski insurance policy that suits your requirements providing that you have not travelled or made a claim. If we are still unable to find you a suitable policy then we will give a full refund providing you return the relevant insurance documents to us within 14 days of purchase.



Do your policies have a 'cooling off' period?


Yes, all our policies carry a cooling off period of up to 14 days after purchase as long as you have not yet travelled.



One of the persons to be covered on the policy has an existing medical condition, can I still have cover under your policies?


Some existing medical conditions can be covered but only with the underwriter's approval. Call us on 08434 590 878 and our trained staff will provide you with best advice for your situation. It is your responsibility to make the insurer aware of any possible health problem and failure to comply with the terms and conditions can make any insurance invalid.



Do I need to take my policy documentation with me when travelling abroad?


Yes, we recommend that you take your policy document with you on holiday so that you can provide proof of purchase if necessary. This document will contain the emergency contact numbers required in the event of a medical problem and provides guidance on what to do in the event of a loss or damage to your personal belongings.


We do advise that a copy is also left with a responsible person in case the original is stolen or misplaced whilst you are abroad.



What if I have a medical emergency when I'm on a trip?


Your ski holiday insurance policy certificate and policy documentation will provide details on the emergency contact number and support company who will provide immediate help if you are ill or injured whilst on holiday outside the United Kingdom or Channel Islands. These specialist multi-lingual emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



What should I do if any of my personal belongings are stolen or lost?


Insurers require documentation proving that the personal belongings have been stolen or lost. You must report any theft or loss within 24 hours of discovery to the local police or to a person responsible for the transportation/accommodation element of your holiday. Once you have reported the incident to the local authorities you will need to ask them to provide a written report and this will need to be submitted with your claim form.



What is an EHIC form and when do I need it?


All European Union countries have reciprocal agreements with the UK that allow UK nationals to obtain medical care in the country being visited. If you are travelling to a country taking part in this agreement, you should obtain a certified form EHIC from your local post office and carry this form with your travel documents. Note* The EHIC is not designed to replace your travel insurance policy as it provides no coverage for instances such as cancellation, curtailment, theft or loss of property.



Will the policy cover me for taking part in dangerous sporting activities?


When searching online our winter sport insurance policy description indicates which hazardous activities are covered provided that they are not the sole purpose of your trip and that the activity is undertaken on an occasional basis. If you need advice or clarification on activities do not hesitate to call 08434 590 878 and ask one of our knowledgeable staff.



If I have a winter sports insurance policy, can I ski or snowboard off-piste?


Yes, off piste is covered as long as you are in the resort boundaries and not skiing in areas designated as unsafe by Resort Management.



If the runs are closed in my resort, can I claim for not being able to ski or snowboard?


Some of our ski holiday insurance policies will pay if there is not enough snow or if bad weather conditions prevail which closes all the lift systems in your resort for more than 24 hours and prevents you from skiing or snowboarding. You will need to obtain a letter from the resort's management confirming how long the resort was closed and why. Please refer to the policy description for full details of levels of ski cover.



What if I discover that I am pregnant and I have your policy?


Travel insurance policies provided through this website will provide full cover to a pregnant policyholder up to the 28th week of the pregnancy (i.e. 12 weeks before the expected delivery date). Please carefully read the relevant ski insurance policy wording and make sure you are happy with it before making your purchase. You should make sure you have some written evidence of the predicted due date and work back from that.


In the event that the policyholder has had a difficulty pregnancy (i.e. high blood pressure or any other complication) then this must be disclosed at the time of purchasing the ski travel insurance to ensure that full cover is validated.



How do I make a claim?


For medical emergencies, please call our specialist multi-lingual emergency services for immediate help. Emergency contact numbers are shown on your policy certificate. When you contact them tell them that you are insured with the 'Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd' and give them the following information:


  • • Your policy certificate number
  • • your name
  • • your address
  • • your phone number abroad
  • • the name and phone number of the hospital and the relevant doctor


For other claims, call the number shown on your policy certificate for a claim form as soon as you return from your trip. Once completed send your claim form back to the assistance company within 28 days of your trip ending, along with any travel tickets and your ski insurance certificate. If you have received medical attention for an injury or sickness, you will need to send a medical certificate showing the nature of the problem, and any bills that you should have paid.